Today is International Women’s Day, and there is no better way to celebrate than by talking about some of the amazing women artists out there. We rounded up a list of seven artists who we love, and we hope you’ll enjoy learning more about them. So sit back, relax, and get ready to be inspired!


I devoted my life to being a female mixed media artist you might say. As an Abstract expressionist mix media sometimes figurative artist, I use oils, pencil, pen&ink, wood and I’ve done years of digital, motion, and video art and now NFTs. I tell sometimes hard-to-face stories or beautifully deep sometimes raw or just weird SciFi. It’s kinda like Pop avant-garde with a twist of feminism and modern mythology. A quest for the light in the shadows. Mostly derived from energy, nature, and society as a whole.




My large drawings, which I have named the Wireheads, have evolved from a long history of sketching. I call it structured improvisation; a combination of uncontrolled and controlled chaos with some identifiable characteristics. They represent the energy of thinking and the subconscious mind in movement and in the moment. My work is inspired by strong female characters, who are original and have a powerful presence. I love black and white because it distances us from reality and transports the viewer to a kingdom of abstraction.  My large drawings, which I have named the Wireheads, have evolved from a long history of sketching.



Sondra Mullenax is an American artist currently living and working in Dubai. She explores the ugly in nature and humans through emotive 2-D works and sensual sculptures for her fellow observers of the world. The themes revolve around female shame, self-worth, and unlearning the gender roles she was taught. Her visual language is influenced by both nature and human-made components she encounters in her travels. Sondra desires to connect to viewers by creating an introspective space separate from the surrounding hyperactive world.



My name is Elena Kariyannis also known as ‘erocksny’.  I was born and raised in NY.  I’m a Greek-American Artist who’s passionate, impulsive, and extreme!  I dream of art when I’m sleeping and when I am awake I see it all around me.  My style is expressed powerfully through vibrant colors and mostly done with my fingers. It represents a state of exploration of who I am as an individual and each time I grow; as an artist, as a human being, as a woman, and as an inspiration to others.  My motto is “Art Is Everywhere – Open Your Eyes”!




Dolphin Brown, based in Austin, immerses the world in moments of deep peace through calming multi-sensory art video paintings. Her video “paintings” collage together moving images into deeply layered visuals, and intermingle varied audio streams. These “paintings” hang on your wall like any painting, but they move and have sound. Dolphin’s art opens the mind to new ways of seeing and thinking; a moment where viewers can breathe deeply and experience magic. Her art is a call to transcend beyond the moment and dive below the surface; to immerse ourselves in new worlds of possibilities.





Expressing myself visually has always been a part of me. My childhood temperament was shy. Verbal communication did not come easy. Growing up Jewish in Germany did not help as I was usually careful to speak my mind. I credit this mindset with honing my observation skills and looking at the many layers of a situation. When creating art, expression can be deliberate, thoughtful, and meaningful. The paintings tell a story and evoke emotions. Interpretation of the subject is achieved by transferring photos and text on a first layer, then adding more layers of transparent or opaque colors, lines, shapes, and textures. A variety of techniques and interesting color combinations are used to achieve my vision. Inspiration comes from memories, experiences, and current events. While I am fearlessly using a conceptual, bold, and colorful approach, I also try to have a visual conversation with the viewer and make connections.