Heather Lynn Arts, Washington, DC

So we’re going to start with the difficult question: sum up your creative process in one word/phrase, and explain why!

Dense texture abstract large scale contemporary mixed media paintings – go big or go home! I LOVE painting large scale pieces- the bigger the better! I also LOVE using dense texture. My roots in three-dimensional ceramics appear in the creation of my mediums. I custom make all my own texture mediums using natural and recycled industrial materials.

Were you always an artist, even as a child? What was your path to becoming an artist?

I have always been an artist and an entrepreneur – my mom loves to tell the story of me going door to door selling my homemade potholders at age 5! 😂

What is your medium of choice and what drew you to this particular medium?

Creating my homemade textures is often the most playful and freeing of my work. Getting my hands dirty and mixing natural elements such as sand, grass, clay, and dirt. Sometimes using recycled or found industrial materials as well to create rich textures. Layers of texture and layers of paint. I love acrylic paint but will also use oil, flashe, gouache, alcohol, and ink.

Is there any particular experience, person, place or thing that inspires you to create?

Tell us about that. NATURE!! I’m obsessed with the natural beauty on this planet. It blows my mind how beautiful and wild it is.

What is it like showing your work to people and what do you hope people take away from it?

I have spent years on the border between life and death. Two of my children are miracle kids for Children’s National Hospital in DC. The pain of almost losing them has changed my perspective on the world. These traumas and their related miracles are in my every brush stroke. Painting has helped me work through some of this darkness and embrace the silver linings of life. I try to approach all things in my life with love, kindness, and appreciation and infuse such values in my art. My artist intent is to create work that helps shift the way people see themselves and the world- beautifully flawed and impossibly kind.

What advice do you have for other artists who may be looking to get their work exhibited?

If it was easy everyone would do it! Don’t listen to haters and keep on being you. Let your inner light shine.

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