So we’re going to start with the difficult question: sum up your creative process in one word/phrase, and explain why!

I start with a thought, photo or image and I expand that vision with my software as soon as possible. I do it right away so I don’t lose my momentum.

Were you always an artist, even as a child? What was your path to becoming an artist?

I was not an artist as a child. My mom was and most of my aunts were as well . I started doing digital art 7 years ago and then created software for myself, and with covid I expanded on my art.

What is your medium of choice and what drew you to this particular medium?

Digital , but acrylic on canvas as well.



Is there any particular experience, person, place or thing that inspires you to create? Tell us about that.

My focus has been musicians and landscapes. Who has inspired me I would say is Canaletto.


What is it like showing your work to people and what do you hope people take away from it?

I just really enjoy the look on peoples faces when I show them my art.  I hope people leave with a good feeling of what I show them.



What advice do you have for other artists who may be looking to get their work exhibited?

I would have to say, really start looking at NFTs, my feeling is this is a wave that will grow in the next few years as cryptocurrency becomes mainstream.




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