Philip A. Robinson Jr.

Jersey City

Sum up your creative process in one word/phrase, and explain why.

Time.  Longevity.  Social/Emotional Impact.  Conception, Production, Completion.

Were you always an artist, even as a child? What was your path to becoming an artist?

Yes.  I have always been an Artist.  I remember making sculptures for my History and English projects as far back as lower school.  I was “king” of the shoebox dioramas.    I like to think my path was already laid out for me, I just had to follow the breadcrumbs.

What is your medium of choice and what drew you to this particular medium?

My medium of choice has always been metal.  About 9 years ago I switched over to Wood.  However, I try to put some type of metal component into all of my Artwork.  I think subconsciously I identify with both of these materials because of their unique characteristics and unforgiving demeanor.

Is there any particular experience, person, place or thing that inspires you to create? Tell us about that.

I have always felt an urge to create.  It is a deeply rooted feeling.  I wake up with ideas about new pieces from my dreams.  I see new work during long drives.  If I’m watching a movie that I feel is going to be really good, my mind starts to think about how I can use this in my practice.  Or a new mixtape that I turn the volume all the way on up because it is really good, I get into a zone and 4 hours later I walk out of my studio covered in sawdust.

What is it like showing your work to people and what do you hope people take away from it?

The best way to describe showing my work to people is like being given the Aux cord in the car and you have a few seconds to serenade your driver with something that will send them into a space of euphoria!!!!  I hope to inspire those that come in contact with my work.  And maybe evoke one or more of their 6 senses.

What did winning the Award for Excellence mean to you?

Gratification.  It lets me know that I am still following the breadcrumbs.  I’m on the right path.

What advice do you have for other artists who may be looking to get their work exhibited?

Do not LOOK to get your work exhibited.  EXHIBIT your Artwork.  It is important for us to understand the difference between the two.

The other part is to find Creative individuals who can help you understand the business as well as the creative side of the Art World.  Make no mistake- exhibiting is a BUSINESS.