Roxana Garciduenas    Location: Conyers Ga

So we’re going to start with the difficult question: sum up your creative process in one word/phrase, and explain why!

FLUIDLY INTENSE. Two words you really wouldn’t put together right? however, from the type of music I use to allowing the subject matter to really dictate itself and where it wants to go is fluidly intense. The last collection I did is called Hidden Energies and I think this is definitely a prime example of not only in my creative process but what has definitely pushed me in a different direction that I would of normally think of as my style. So my music choice and painting style if fluid but the subject matter is always intense.

Were you always an artist, even as a child? What was your path to becoming an artist?

LOL! That’s always such a strange question. I was always that annoying kindergartener that was drawing backgrounds to my coloring sheets. That developed into me asking for white paper so I could freehand those same coloring pages. I didn’t really get serious until I was in HS really. I had 2 teachers that were super influential in that decision Mr.Che my junior and senior year in HS and my professor Barlow in College. That is when I really started developing not only my style but more of what made my work mine. Such as the story and sentiment behind each piece. It became a way for me to communicate in a way I couldn’t with words. My most recent project that you can call an AHA moment was Hidden Energies where I explored not only my connection to my spirituality but also how that affected my work as a whole.

What is your medium of choice and what drew you to this particular medium?

I’m an Acrylic girl. recently I’ve added glow in the dark Acrylic. It blends really well but at the same time gives you the straight edges I need some time. It’s very versatile to me. You can water it down to look as translucent as watercolor while staying on canvass and you can layer it like oil without the lengthy drying time.

Is there any particular experience, person, place or thing that inspires you to create? Tell us about that.

Inspiration comes from every whereas each of us artist knows but the one place I find the peace to really inspire me is the ocean. I think that where my style comes from. What else is really as fluid and as intense as everything the ocean offers.

What is it like showing your work to people and what do you hope people take away from it?

I love watching peoples reactions and hearing what they get out of the painting before I explain it. Art has a different meaning to each viewer and that is what I want my viewers to take away from each painting, the knowledge that they don’t just own a unique piece but that they have a narrative, a story that they can tell their friends and family every time they share it.

What advice do you have for other artists who may be looking to get their work exhibited?

Don’t give up. It sounds cliché but its the truth. and set an account aside specifically for that. That way you don’t have to pass up shows and opportunities that could potentially catapult you into the amazing world of art. A good friend told me if this is your passion work at it like it’s your lifeline and there is nothing truer.

Contact information:

Instagram: @roxana.garciduenas