Welcome to the Smart Art Business Podcast hosted by art business coach Rachel Wilkins. The Smart Art Business Podcast aims to help visual artists and creative entrepreneurs grow and sustain a successful business. Featuring tangible advice and inspiring interviews with artists and industry experts, you will learn how to brand, market, and sell your art the smart way.


In this episode our host Rachel Wilkins has a powerful conversation with Mariana Ruiz, the CEO of Impact Driven Entrepreneur on ways in which business owners can work less and accomplish more and hire the right way in order to scale. Mariana shares her effective productivity hacks, intentional planning strategies and the importance of self care. She answers the question on how to align yourself with impact goals and finally the subject of limiting beliefs and ways to overcome them.



Mariana was named #2 Coach in New York by Influence Digest. She has 13 years of experience in marketing, sales and business and has helped hundreds of coaches all over the world to build profitable, sustainable coaching companies that make a difference in the world.  To sum her up…She is a coffee loving nerd with a big heart with a no B.S. approach (that includes the occasional F bomb!).



In this episode we discuss:

  • How you can work less and accomplish more
  • Finding the one skill that will make you money
  • The difference between doing a service and selling the   service
  • How to introduce a new structure and way of working in your life 
  • How to hire in the right way
  • Productivity hacks  and how do intentional planning
  • Importance of self-care
  • Limiting beliefs and ways to overcome them
  • How to align yourself with impact goals


Mariana Ruiz’ Website: https://www.impactdrivenentrepreneur.com/

Rachel Wilkins Website: http://www.smartartbiz.com/


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