“Spinema” creator David Bianchi Teams up with Malcolm-Jamal Warner to Deliver a Visceral Spoken Word Film NFT that is Revolutionizing the Blockchain While Raising Cash and Social Awareness.


Actor / Filmmaker and Poetic Activist David Bianchi changed the NFT game and made history when he minted the First Ever Award-Winning Spoken Word film as an NFT called “I Can’t Breathe”. David is the creator of a new art-genre called Spinema that he dubs “spinning cinema through spoken word.” 



David says “I enlist award winning teams and treat each film like a theatrical-level motion picture. The results are high-brow experimental films that evoke social consciousness and entertain at the same time.”


His genesis would close at auction to MetaPurse, most known for their purchase of the $69 million-dollar Beeple sale at Christies. David would donate 100% of the proceeds to the George Floyd Memorial Foundation via the blockchain (by today’s market over $19,000). “I Can’t Breathe” was hailed by critics and the Floyd family and Forbes would go on to write about his ground-breaking work.

David has been producing Spinema (spoken word films) for over 16 years, each with strong socially conscious themes. His vision is to change the world through poetic-cinematic experiences and use blockchain to affect change while giving back to social non-profit organizations.



His sophomore effort is a cinematic tour of force alongside iconic actor and Grammy winning poet Malcolm-Jamal Warner and spoken word artist Chris Wood. The film is directed by Emmy nominated film director Christopher Folkens.



“You Can’t Hear Me” delivers raw perspectives on the injustices in modern America, including racism, mass incarceration, hate crimes, and human rights violations. Malcolm’s performance is equally as haunting as his poetry with profound lines like, 


Where lies become the truth at the send of a tweet, and black bodies are up for grabs wherever fear and hate meet”. – Malcom-Jamal Warner.


The imagery is daring, kinetic and sophisticated. If the success of his genesis drop is any indication of the success of this new artistic genre, this will be an NFT to own.


“While my black next kin being shot dead in the street, and my fellow Latinos fear deportation and we-“ – David Bianchi.


“They build more prisons just to house more children

Lock ‘em up as juveniles indoctrinate ‘em to the system.” – Chris Wood.


The drop will be divided between two platforms. The film itself is a one-of-one that will begin its auction on Ephimera. The fractional assets (only 12) will drop on Obtainable.



You can watch the entire film here prior to bidding now.The three-day auction will begin Friday May 14th at 1pm Pacific Standard Time.