The art world has always been popular with ritzy celebrities. The wealthy and glamorous few are often seen perusing the hottest art galleries, looking for something exclusive to adorn the walls of their mega mansions.

A few of these big name celebrities, however, have not only an eye for aesthetic but also some serious investment savvy!

Here’s a look into the boldest movers and shakers from the big screen to the sports field. I present to you six celebrity art collectors who have been indulging in the art world lately.

1. Leo DiCaprio

Rumor has it that DiCaprio’s parents were stood in front of a Da Vinci painting when they decided to name their son Leonardo. A little foreshadowing perhaps for the star’s penchant for fine art.

DiCaprio has been known to attend private tours of the major art fairs during Art Basel and private openings at the major blue chip galleries, collecting pieces all along the way.

He’s not just in the physical art scene, either. He is making his rounds in the digital art scene, as well.

It was his online habits that made headlines of recent, following the purchase of a painting by Brooklyn-based artist John-Pierre Roy that caught the most attention of all of his art collecting habits. It seems that the movie star discovered the artist’s work on Instagram…

Ah movie stars, they’re just like us! They too are partial to a little late night, online shopping.

In all seriousness though, DiCaprio is an avid collector who has amassed quite a collection, one to rival that of a major museum. Featuring Frank Stella, Ed Ruscha, and Jean Michele Basquiat to name but a few. His growing collection is estimated to be worth in the range of $100 Million.

Catch him if you can!

2. Jay Z and Beyonce

The power couple almost blew up the internet with the surprise release of a collaborative album, ‘Everything is Love.’ While the power couple’s debut duet album is something to shout about in its own right, it was the supporting video (uploaded to YouTube) that had the art world in a flutter.

The video, filmed at the Louvre was somehow kept under the strictest of wraps. That’s right, no leaks, no sneaky previews, nothing! Which in today’s social media world is no small feat!

The video features the pair frolicking and finessing in front of some of the most iconic works of the past few centuries.

It’s not the first time the Carters have been front and center of the art world. Jay Z partnered with Maria Ambromovich to create an adaptation of her performance piece, ‘The Artist is present’ for his single, ‘Picasso Baby’.

The power couple are not only avid supporters but also patrons. Rumor has it their art collection includes a $4.5 million, Basquiat, a David Hammons Basketball drawing, and a Richard Prince car hood.

3. Oprah Winfrey

The media icon and businesswoman sold a Gustav Klimt for $150 Million in 2016. The piece, a portrait of Austrian socialite Adele Bloch-Bauer II, is from the same collection that inspired the 2015 film Woman in Gold, starring Helen Mirren and Ryan Reynolds.

Winfrey acquired the painting for $87.9 million in 2006, giving her $62 million in profit. Not too shabby!

Winfrey is also thought to have discovered painter Akiane Kramarik, who was on her show as a young boy and went on to have an astounding career. You get a painting, you get a painting, everybody gets a painting…


4. David and Victoria Beckham

The soccer star and former Spice girl have amassed quite a collection of fine art over the years. It seems the couple’s eldest son, Brooklyn, was so inspired by his surroundings that it influenced his career choices; the young Beckham is currently studying photography in NYC.

The couple recently splurged on a $600,000 Damien Hirst commission named “Daddy’s Girl.” It was a gift for their 1-year-old daughter, Harper, purchased from the popular White Cube Gallery in London. It is a bold addition to their estimated $40 million-dollar collection. Other acquired works include originals by Tracy Emin, Banksy, and Sam Taylor Wood.

Not content with stockpiling other artists’ works, the couple has been busy studying the old masters in preparation for a collaboration between Victoria’s fashion line and art-auction powerhouse Southerby’s.

Stay tuned.

5. Alicia Keys & Swizz Beats

The singer and songwriter and the music producer are the latest A-Listers to make their mark on the art scene as both collectors and advocates. The duo, famous for their respective musical talents, champion several artists in their collection. Some of the artists, both emerging and established, featured in their collection include Swoon, Gregory Siff, and Stikki Peaches.

Their ‘No Commission’ pop-up art fair, during Miami’s ‘Art Week’ presented work from ‘The Dean Collection’ (Kasseem Dean is Swizz Beatz real name) and was a big hit with both revelers and collectors.

6. Brad Pitt

Pitt and estranged wife, Angelina Jolie shared a $25 million dollar art collection, featuring Banksy and Richard Serra. It is alleged that Pitt purchased a million-dollar canvas by Neo Rauch during Art Basel, adding to his already extensive collection of work by the German artist.

Most exciting, however, is that Brad, himself, is in the studio (art, not film) producing a series of fine art and sculpture! We cannot wait to see what he comes up with! The actor has certainly had his share of turmoil of late, here’s hoping that translates into something profound on the canvas.

Keep your eyes peeled at that next art opening, you just never know who might be lurking beneath a baseball cap and sunglasses.

Happy Creating!