Fall is upon us, and as we draw towards the end of yet another year we are forced to reflect on how far we have come and how the challenges we have survived have brought us all together globally. Our Fall Conception Art Show took place on the 7th of October and it was packed with all kinds of surprises and amazing stories that warmed our hearts and even made us tear up a little with emotion.


We had artists from all over the world gracing us with their presence and creativity that kept us glued to our seats for several hours. We are amazed with the uniqueness of each show as we continuously see works so beautiful beyond anything we could have imagined. We feel quite lucky to have this opportunity to connect with all the artists and be able to share that connection with you all as well.


We would like to say congrats to the artists who won several prizes and awards during this show, and also to one of our guests, Mellissa Antonio who aced the quiz and won herself an amazing goodie bag with Conception Art swag and a book written by our host, Rachel Wilkins entitled Sell Your Art. Hats off to you all.


Winner: Lainee K Docken

Prize: $250 Cash Prize + Artist Award

Website: https://www.laineek.com/


Lainee K is an Abstract Expressionist that uses mixed media to communicate her inner reality and the universal emotions and feelings that make us all human. She paints her internal landscape, including the people that live there and their feelings about life. She has recently begun painting murals. Her goal is to paint a mural in every major city across the United States. Her goal is to create every emotion possible, huge and for everyone to see so that people know they are not alone. She would like to further her studies in Art Therapy to work with Teenagers and Veterans or anyone that cannot easily sit down and verbally communicate their problems.


Winner: Kat Furrow

Prize: Art Business Scholarship

Website: https://katfurrow.com/


Kat Furrow is a self-taught mixed media artist, Veteran, and instructor. Kat, live in the coastal town of Carlsbad, California, She has been exploring different mediums since 2008, finds inspiration from her love of the essence of people and nature. Kat is passionate about her craft and feels she is just now coming into the art she was born to create. She considers herself most successful when she steps into her fearless use of color, texture, while pushing the boundaries of her personal comfort zones and that of her creative style. It is then, she is in her best creative space and internal “happy place.” She hopes her work transports you there to join her.



Winner: Louis Calvano

Prize: Award For Excellence

Website: http://www.louiscalvano.com/


I truly admire the artist who can conceive an image in the mind and translate onto a canvas or other surface. I have no such gift. My imagery, along with my fellow photographers, is not the result of a preconceived idea. I am not driven by my imagination, rather my curiosity. It is not: What do I see? Instead, it is: What would I see? In other words, there are no preconceived images in my mind. I’m never really sure what to expect each time I go out to compose images. On top of that, once I’ve taken the photograph, I’m not sure what is going to happen when I play with the software that allows me to manipulate the image. It’s all about observation and experimentation. I find a compelling scene that captures my attention, then I tinker, tweak and tease the image until I’m satisfied with it.




We also want to send out a huge round of applause and gratitude to all the other artists who participated in the 2021 Fall Edition of the Conception At Show. You made this event possible, thank you for showcasing your amazing artwork and sharing your talent with the world.

Nolan Hirsley

Ron Smith

Dolphin Brown

Kat Furrow

Ric Conn

Michelle Capizzi

Shaun Duffy

Lainee Docken

Louis Calvano

Daniel Jacobson

Helen Kagan

Michael Manning

Steven Mana Trink

Christopher Lewis


We believe in you all and look forward to hosting you all in our next Conception Art Show!!


I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way—things I had no words for.

~ Georgia O’Keeffe



Author & Editor:  Mildred Mugauri