It has been way over one year of viewing and experiencing the power of art virtually, and with each exhibition many stories that unfold that makes you cry in celebration of another’s victory, or out of compassion.  It has become apparent that art not only brings a certain calmness,  but it heals and is a powerful outlet for all things that cannot be put to words because it speaks louder. It has become easier for us to learn about different cultures, listen more, connect and relate to various ways of life through these informative shows.


Winner: Ron Smith

Prize:  2021 Award for Excellence



On the 14th of July 2021, Conception Arts once again held on of its exciting virtual shows for the Summer Edition and so many talented artists, both members and non-members came forward to share what they hold closest to their hearts, their creativity.


Winner: Naz Kaya

Prize:  Award for Excellence



Some of the most powerful and moving stories were shared by Nolan Hirsley and Julie Karey among others.

Nolan Hirsley is a very talented artist who creates using monochromatic colour in his artwork from his home in Chicago which is unique to his chosen niche. He only got his art education after he got into college, has survived so much criticism over his work yet he has not given up. He does not use a lot of colour in is work, has been told he was not ready for it. Nolan said he wanted more as the black and white can be limiting and is slowly getting to a place where he is breaking out of his shell and the box that was built around him and will gradually start exploring colour in his pieces.

Winner: Nolan Hirsley

Prize:  USD$250 Grant


Winner: Greg Bane

Prize: Audience Award



Many congratulations to all the winners who walked away with various prizes during this event. These are:

Sheila Prevost – Winner (Award of Excellence)

Nolan Hirsley – Winner ($250 Grant)

Ron Smith – Winner (Award of Excellence)

Greg Bane – Winner (Audience Award)

Naz Kaya – Winner (Artist BootCamp Scholarship)


Winner: Sheila Prevost

Prize: Award for Excellence



We also had the opportunity to listen to Julie Karey‘s deeply personal story which reflects a lot of strength through all the challenges the universe throws in along life’s path. She is a strong and determined woman who will not let any chronic illness stand in the way or limit her from fulfilling one of the few things that define the purpose of her life, allowing her to explore her creative potential. Even though there is no logic to a lot of things in her life in this moment, she has found her calm in painting and drawing, which she taught herself and she chooses to share this with the world. What a gift and inspiration she is!


We want to thank all the other artists below who participated in the 2021 Summer Edition:

Nolan Hirsley

Mary Kate Daly

April Rose Oyangoren

Greg Bane

Krish Sengupta

Nivia Bejarano

Lois Dolphin Brown

Naz Kaya

James Sinur

Michael Manning

Ron Smith

Rhonda C.R. Burton

Peter Sanfaçon

Julie Karey

Anita Marie Dougan

Leslie Brockett (for Dave Brockett)

Nisa Veshi

Bob Freyer

Steve Sullivan

Brooke Trace

Sheila Prevost


“If I could say it in words there would be no reason to paint.”

– Edward Hopper.


Author & Editor:  Mildred Mugauri