Forty gifted artists from across the globe graced us with the beauty of their creativity by way of drawings, paintings, mixed media, photography and sculptures during the Conception Arts Show – Frieze Edition which took place on May 6th, 2021. This was in celebration of Frieze Week New York which is a usually bustling week of art and culture in NYC.

Despite the fact that museums have been shut down, virtual galleries and digital shows provides accessibility for international artists and provides a means to showcase their work and put it in front of collectors.

What is fascinating is the total undivided attention given to each artist during our shows as their art is displayed and their stories shared. Viewers get to know their favourite artists on a personal level and connect through all the emotions. This is the effect of art. By providing this resource we ensure that many artists who are still not able to showcase in person still have this opportunity to share their thoughts, feelings and emotions on canvas with the world. 

A huge round of applause goes to the following artists who won various awards, grants and an art scholarship!


Beryl Jazvic

Prize: $250 artist grant



Pancho Sanchez

Prize: Award for Excellence




Grace Marquez

Prize: Art Business Boot camp scholarship



Irma Strauss

Prize: Audience Choice Award



We want to thank all the artists below who participated in the 2021 Conception Arts Show Frieze Week Edition:

  1. Anand PKC
  2. Andrea McKenna
  3. Annabell Butler
  4. Annette Back
  5. Badria Al Shamsi
  6. Beryl Jazvic
  7. Calvin Henderson
  8. Chris Wyatt
  9. Danielle Hansmann
  10. David Friedman
  11. Francisco Sanchez Socci (Pancho)
  12. Gail S. Kotel
  13. Gloria Prez
  14. Grace & Manners
  15. Grace Marquez
  16. Irma Strauss
  17. Julie Karey
  18. Kat Sayegh
  19. Kelli Foss
  20. Krizia Doster
  21. Lesa Nivens
  22. Lydia Knox
  23. Marta Nowicka
  24. Melissa Card
  25. Michael Manning
  26. Neolita Maharaj
  27. Nolan Hirsley
  28. Oliver Warshaw
  29. Ozge Gunaydin
  30. Ozge Gurkan
  31. Patrik Kornohen
  32. Pea Argo
  33. Priscila Schott
  34. Ron Smith
  35. Sarah Hessinger
  36. Serina Tara
  37. Stephany Potvin
  38. Sterling Lee
  39. Trish Gianakis
  40. Zeynep Yazici


Art is man’s constant effort to create for himself a different order of reality from that which is given to him.

~ Chinua Achebe


Author & Editor:  Mildred Mugauri