Welcome to the sixth episode of Smart Art Business, a podcast created to help artists thrive.

If you are reading this, you are most likely an artist that invests a lot of time, energy and resources into creating your artwork.  Over the coming months, we will be chatting with artists and industry professionals to bring you ideas and suggestions on how to refine your work, increase your sales, and broaden your audience.

In this episode, we chat with photographer, Sarah Anna Hansen on how to run a successful creative business.

Sarah Anna Hansen studied Commercial and Fashion Photography at Columbia College Chicago. Hansen has traveled, worked and exhibited her photography worldwide. She has been published in a variety of magazines including Vogue Italia and Modern Luxury. She has been photographing for 20+ years and creating for as long as she can remember. She has photographed portraits of politicians including Christopher Kennedy (son of Bobby Kennedy and nephew to JFK). Sarah and her husband relocated to Dallas, TX spring 2015. She has lived many years in Chicago’s Andersonville neighborhood as well as a year in Osaka-shi, Japan. Hansen is available for domestic and international commissions.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Making a living from your art or photography
  • Networking and Trade
  • Finding your Niche
  • Vision Boards and Planning
  • Getting out of your comfort zone
  • Asking for help

Here is a list of resources mentioned in this episode:

We hope you find this episode packed with value and resources that help you with your art business. We wish you ongoing success.

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