Welcome to the second episode of Smart Art Business, a podcast created to help artists thrive. In this episode, we will be focussing on selling art, finding art collectors and implementing a sales strategy into your repertoire.

If you are reading this, you are most likely an artist that invests a lot of time, energy and resources into creating your artwork.  The question is, how much time, energy and resources are you investing in your art business?  Over the coming months, we will be chatting with artists and industry professionals to bring you ideas and suggestions on how to increase your sales and broaden your audience.

In this episode, we talk sales.  Preparing for them, closing them and the all-important follow up.  Artist, Andrew Kochie successfully has ‘sold-out’ multiple shows with a price range of $5,000 – $20,000. How did he get there and what is he doing to keep his art business moving forward?

Andrew Kochie is a Dallas based visual artist and cultural advocate. His body of work is a synthetic blend between abstract and trompe l’oeil illusion ranging between abstract minimalism to hard-edged geometric abstraction. “I came from a trained background of making violins, violas, and cellos. On occasion, I would have the privilege of handling some of the worlds finest instruments. One thing that always pleased me was the delicate fire of light and color which would move underneath the varnish. This 3-dimensional space of illusion became a passion and continues to drive my body of work today as I create artwork on flat surfaces that have the illusion of depth.  My work is now seen across the world in many private collections and corporate offices.

This award-winning artist was voted ‘Best Local Artist’ in the 2019 Dallas Voice Readers Voice Awards as well as a finalist for the 2016 Hunting Art Prize and has won the Award of Excellence at Conception Dallas on Oct 24, 2015, at South Fork Ranch. Many of his works have been seen around the world on the social media site imgur.com where several original works are on display in their corporate headquarters in San Francisco. His work also highlights the design of the new Duvel Art Glass featured in the December – January 2016 edition of Arts & Culture Texas Magazine.     Based in the Dallas Design District Andrew also advocates for all aspects of the arts. He is a steering committee member of the Dallas Area Cultural Advocacy Coalition as well as the steering committee for the City of Dallas Cultural Plan.

“I am very passionate about arts and culture and the obstacles and hurdles we face each day.  Everyone should have equitable opportunities to experience, produce, and interact with arts and culture through the lens of equity and I work each day to discover those solutions and opportunities.”

In this episode, we will be discussing –

  • How to effectively price and sell your art
  • How to talk to collectors
  • Buying signals
  • Where art sells
  • Galleries v “Pop-Up”
  • How to close a sale
  • Keeping collectors coming back for more
  • The evolution of the sale

We hope you find this episode packed with value and resources that help you with your art business. We wish you ongoing success.

Here is a list of resources mentioned in this episode –

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