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In this episode Rachel Wilkins, our host, speaks with Ashley Delonas, a multimedia artist who took art matters into her own hands to change her destiny and found healing through art. Ash embraces the analogy and symbolism of the medium of your choice and associated risk and uses her art as a form of healing from trauma and abuse. She shares certain turning points in her life as an artist that allowed her to work past her limiting beliefs and give herself permission to create more! There is a major difference between having an art teacher and a coach and she breaks this down and how it helped her grow her business as an artist. Ashley shares tips on how to quit sharing your dream with small minded people so you can grow.


healing through art with ashley delonas


Ashley Delonas is an Idaho artist who creates mountain luxury home lighting and antler art. She uses stained glass, crystals and fossils soldered in-between the tines of bone. Her work conveys a love for the outdoors and the life found in the mountains surrounding her home. As an avid outdoorswoman, Ashley is one of a handful of women who has summited all of Idaho’s nine tallest peaks and is captivated by shed hunting.


Ashley’s journey to becoming a full-time artist began in 2009. This is she started a new chapter in her life as a single mother to her son, Tripten. Looking for a way to support herself and her son while working on an art degree, Ashley began selling her work at local Farmer’s Markets and art shows. She found success, gained a large following of supporters, and began to dream the “impossible dream” of becoming a professional artist.


Over a decade later Ashley’s portfolio includes a variety of media, primarily working in glass, antlers, silk paintings, and clay. Part of Ashley’s creative process involves spending time hiking in the mountains surrounding her Idaho home. Ashley’s art serves as a mirror of her experiences, and the beauty found in the west. As an avid outdoor enthusiast, Ashley’s passion for climbing tall peaks and shed hunting are always reflected in her art work.




In this episode we discuss:

  • Embracing the analogy and symbolism of the medium of your choice and associated risk
  • Art as a form of healing from trauma and abuse
  • The symbolism of hunting 101, the shedding process and antler regrowth
  • Giving yourself permission to create, or create more!
  • Why you need an art coach
  • The difference between an art teacher and an art coach
  • Limiting Beliefs and how to work past it for growth
  • How to quit sharing your dream with small minded people


Ashley Delonas Website: https://www.mountaingirlstudios.com/

Rachel Wilkins Website: http://www.smartartbiz.com/


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