The name David Bianchi and team has made a mark in the NFT space through content and also social righteousness.

The spoken word film “I Can’t Breathe” was written, produced and performed by David Bianchi and directed by Ryan LeMasters. It has been highlighted on KTLA’s award-winning series Breaking Bias and  hailed in Deadline Magazine. David calls his films Spinema which means spinning cinema through spoken word.


“I Can’t Breathe” has made NFT history as the first ever award-winning spoken word film to be minted on the blockchain as a NFT. The auction closed on April 5th for 5 ETH or approximately $10,550. Spearheaded by some of the most influential tech individuals and communities in ClubHouse, the NFT drop event and auction closing events were supported by  Paolo Moreno, Farokh Sarmad, Jin Yu, Noah Nyles, Mr. Check Point and Jay Rosenzweig to name a few, who are maverick Club House moderators.



David reminds, “without ClubHouse and the NFT community therein and these powerhouse moderators, none of this would be possible. It is my honor to work alongside these influential leaders in the space. It’s a testament that even good art needs a vehicle to be seen and acquired. It takes a village of powerful minds.”


All proceeds will be donated to the George Floyd Memorial Foundation for civil rights and change, and David will also collaborate with the GFMF to establish a digital wallet to receive the Ethereum and open the doors to cryptocurrency at the civil rights level and educate black communities on the benefits of crypto.




MetaPurse acquired the NFT; it is the world’s largest NFT trust dedicated to digital art that catalyzes change. Meta Purse is backed by Metakovin the purchaser of the $69 million-dollar Beeple Every Day Series at Christie’s auction. 


David has a slate of completed films and his next mint is called “You Can’t Hear Me” co-starring Malcolm-Jamal Warner (The Resident / Cosby Show) scheduled to drop mid-May 2021. David is committed to continuing to mint Spinema (Spoken Word Films) for social change. His mission is to inspire other artists to follow his lead. He continues to push to highlight social causes in the blockchain while donating percentages of every film’s proceeds to non-profits associated with each cause each film represents.



 David says, “Spinema is the culmination of all things I am as an artist. I am an actor, a poet, a screenwriter, film producer and film director. Spinema at its roots incorporates the rhythmic poetic word that operates as the script. It uses all the languages of cinema (picture, light and sound) while evoking elements of sometimes subtle, sometimes visceral performances through evocation of the rhythmic deliveries. There are no limits to how these important stories can be told in both traditional cinema and in the metaverse. The metaverse provides a unique never before utilized platform for Spinema that is yet unknown. This is a new, but not final frontier. However, it promises the deepest possible interaction with audience members like never experienced before.” 


“I Can’t Breathe” has been highly endorsed by the Floyd Family.

“BEAUTIFUL and IMPACTFUL– we thank you so much!” – The George Floyd Family