Welcome to the Smart Art Business Podcast hosted by art business coach Rachel Wilkins. The Smart Art Business Podcast aims to help visual artists and creative entrepreneurs grow and sustain a successful business. Featuring tangible advice and inspiring interviews with artists and industry experts, you will learn how to brand, market, and sell your art the smart way.


In this episode, Rachel Wilkins hosts Gregory Siff, an internationally renowned visual artist, writer , designer and actor and his manager Lisa Falcone who is also a fine art curator and brand manager. They discuss powerful partnerships, artist representation and building powerful brand identities. Lisa elaborates on synergies and how to get the best out of deals and collaborations, artwork pricing, views around NFTs.



Gregory Siff was born in Brooklyn and is an internationally renowned for his colourful artwork that have a personal touch and carry childhood memories.  His abstract artwork blends pop art and abstract expressionism

His first exhibition was called “the heartfirebreathemanifesto” and it was hosted in Hollywood at the Standard Hotel in 2006 and he donated proceeds from this exhibit donated to J.U.i.C.E. (Justice By Uniting in Creative Energy). He has exhibited across the globe including in Los Angeles, Italy, Dublin, New York and Vancouver. Commissions include those for The Standard Hotel, Mercedes Benz, Sotheby’s and Red Bull.



In this episode we discuss:

  • Artist representation and brand identities that set them apart
  • Effects of having a positive mindset and surrounding yourself with people who support your vision
  • Rules of working with clients in any industry
  • Synergies and how to get the best out of deals and collaborations
  • Pricing artwork to realise its true value and views around NFTs
  • Diversity in the arts industry and the accomplishments that come from working with the big brands.
  • The experience of giving direction to creative minds
  • Separating work and life for increased productivity


Gregory Siff’s Website: Gregorysiff.com

Rachel Wilkins Website: http://www.smartartbiz.com/


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