Understanding your “why” is a key component of success because it gives insight and is a source of great inspiration. Art is like a silent poet telling a unique and different story each time. Its superpowers evoke many emotions and come from a place of honesty and allow the creator to make their voice heard through their artwork.

We asked several artists what they love the most about their lives as artists that make it fulfilling, and here is what some had to say:


Kelly Costanzo Foss

Creating is pure joy to me. I love to lose myself in the creative flow. It is such a sweet spot to be! I use my finished work as a vehicle to promote ideas of energy movement, positivity, and abundance.


Gail S. Kotel

I love being part of the art community around the world. All my trips are always centred around seeing art. I love making art and being lost in the process – letting it take over my whole self. And as a portrait artist, I love getting to know my sitter, putting their personality into the piece.



David Friedman

Witnessing the world is amazing. Being alive is a miracle. Perception and awareness are magical. With my art, I recognize, honor and celebrate. I am, therefore I make art, and I make art. Therefore I am. My art is about sharing, connecting, appreciation, and affirmation…of Life, living, beauty, nature, and ideas. Art is a way to connect with others by illustrating and showing my feelings, perceptions, delights, reflections, discoveries, and observations.

I enjoy the experience of getting lost in the process, going with the flow, letting go, being on a mission. A new project is an adventure, a quest, a challenge, a meaningful pursuit, a compelling journey. Someone asked Picasso,” Of all your work, which painting is your favorite?” He replied,” The next one.



Nyssa Perrin Clark

“Self-expression, first and foremost, the ability to elicit emotion in others, experiencing the meaning others put into my work themselves.



Paola De Giovanni

Getting feedback from my Instagram friends, getting to connect with other fellow artists worldwide and indulge in life’s best luxury that is to be creative and experiment with many artistic media!



Creativity is a reflection of the imagination and an integral part of artists’ daily lives. It is important to surround yourself with things that positively impact your life. For us, it’s art! It is a very personal and deep experience that only the creator can articulate. Do not hold back if you get inspired to create. Who knows? It probably will be the next greatest masterpiece!


Author & Editor:  Mildred Mugauri