Welcome to the Smart Art Business Podcast. Hosted by art business coach Rachel Wilkins, the Smart Art Business Podcast was created to help visual artists and creative entrepreneurs grow and sustain a successful business. Featuring tangible advice and inspiring interviews with artists and industry experts, you will learn how to brand, market, and sell your art the smart way.

In this episode, Rachel speaks on the most effective trends in social media that will put you right in front of your ideal audience to grow your following. She breaks down ways in which Gen Z and millenials are now consuming content and practical steps to take to leverage these social platforms. As a seasoned business coach speaking from experience, Rachel advises artists to lead with value when engaging so as to educate, motivate and entertain the target audience.



Rachel Wilkins is an art business coach and co-founder of Conception Arts, an organization that has helped over 5,000 artists on two continents.  Wilkins is the host and producer of the ‘Smart Art Business’ podcast and author of the book “Sell Out: The Definitive Guide to Selling Your Art Online.”

Dubbed an “Arts Crusader” by the Huffington Post, Wilkins has been featured by The Wall St. Journal, Paper Magazine, and ABC News. Wilkins is the recipient of the New York Business Journal “Woman of Influence” Award and was recently named in the “40 under 40” LGBTQ Leaders by Business Equality Magazine.



In this episode we discuss:

  • Social media platforms that are currently making waves and trending
  • Ways in which users are consuming content
  • Actionable steps on how to leverage these platforms to attract the ideal audience
  • How to optimize your social platform to reap benefits of new features

Rachel Wilkins Website: http://www.smartartbiz.com/

Artist Action Club: https://www.artistactionclub.com


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